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1383 Waterfall Way
Bellingen, NSW, 2454

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About us


Alex Simmons is a pioneer in the practical implementation of aerodynamic testing with a power meter and has been testing cyclists' aerodynamics for nearly a decade. In 2011, along with his coaching business partners in the UK, Alex launched AeroCoach, a business dedicated to making high quality aerodynamic testing accessible and affordable for all riders. In the UK, AeroCoach Ltd is now owned and operated by Dr Xavier Disley, while Alex owns and operates AeroCoach Australia.

Alex has worked closely with Alphamantis, developers of the Track Aero System, since its inception and has helped to continually refine and improve the aero testing systems and technology. Alex also writes regularly about cycling performance matters, has provided people around the world with aero self-analysis tools as well as presented many seminars and workshops covering both the theory and practical implementation of aerodynamic testing for cyclists.

Alex's clients have achieved several world records and won national, continental and world championships, and he has provided aero testing services for individuals and professional teams.

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