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1383 Waterfall Way
Bellingen, NSW, 2454


How it works

Find your hidden speed and have fun doing it



Test sessions take place on an indoor velodrome, where you and the aero analyst work together to find the optimum mix of aerodynamics and comfort.

While you ride laps on an indoor velodrome, we determine your key aerodynamic performance indicator - the Coefficient of drag Area (CdA) - in real time using power meter data and technology powered by our partner Alphamantis.

All you need do is to ride - it's that simple!

You can test on your time trial, triathlon, road or track bike.

It's lots of fun and if you've never ridden on a track before, don't worry it's not difficult, we will guide you through what to do. We've worked with track novices through to world class track professionals and cater for all.

There's no special requirement to ride at particular speeds or power outputs, and our system accounts for your line around the track, so you can just focus on riding and how you feel in each set up.

We begin by setting up your power meter and other sensor data to be transmitted to our track aerodynamics system via a wireless network.

No power meter? No problem - AeroCoach can provide you with a Powertap power meter to use for the duration of the session (free-wheel geared bikes only).

After establishing your baseline aero performance data with initial test run laps of the track, we then make progressive changes to your set up and conduct further test runs to compare the aerodynamics - your CdA - for eachTest runs usually take a couple of minutes each.

Mechanic support will be on hand for making set up changes as quickly as possible so we maximise the available track time.

Most of our sessions are run as a pair of riders over a two and half hour booking, with riders alternating test runs on the track while the other is having their set up adjusted. We do offer solo sessions, however the amount of work done in each session is very similar as adjustments to your bicycle take time.

After the session, AeroCoach sends you with a report detailing all of your aero data, along with estimates of typical time savings for your target race distances and power outputs.


Specialist bike fitters and cycling and triathlon coaches are more than welcome to participate and work along with AeroCoach to help their clients find those precious speed gains. Indeed we prefer clients to have a quality bike fit before aero testing so we begin a session with a sound set up and knowledge of a rider's range of bio-mechanically effective positions.

AeroCoach welcomes bookings made by fitters and coaches and we can arrange private test sessions for your clients.